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No need to worry

The whole world is full of people worrying about everything from wondering how to feed their family to their latte being cold with everything in between. Is there ever actually a correct time to worry? Should it even exist in the English dictionary …. No ūüėÄ
“I’m worried that I’m not allowed to be worried” you may be saying … well don’t worry about it because all is not lost. Take any problem / decision that you have and look at it as if it were someone else’s. (analyse with facts)
Let’s look at the chronology of a “worry”
1 – Something happens (normally bad)
2 – You spend time worrying about how bad things could possibly get
3 – You end up going round in circles as the worry gets worse
4 – You finally do something about it – Worry hopefully over
Is there a need for points 2 and 3 … er no! – it should go more like this:
1 – Something happens (normally bad)
2 – Take action to make it better ūüėÄ
The word “Worry” would have to squeeze into point 1.5 to even make an appearance. By the time you feel the urge to worry is the time that you should be taking action! Once you have decided on the correct course of action (after analysing the facts) then you can start the¬†path that will help resolve the original event. Be happy with your decision (after all you did make it armed with all the facts) – If you stick to this positive way of thinking then you will be worry free for good.
No Worries ūüėõ

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Manicure Anyone……?

One day last week I was on an early train (which I¬†got as its¬†empty and I get to read my book).¬† Anyhooo¬†I noticed that I could hear a noise that you wouldn’t expect to hear on a train.¬† So I look up and try to¬†distingish what it was, and low and behold it was the noise of someone cutting their nails. Yes I did say cutting their nails!!

Now being a lady I understand that you may have a loose nail and would¬†file¬†or cut it down so it don’t snag anything – but this person behind me must have had very long Rhino nails as this cutting session went on for three stops –¬†which in my estimation is over¬†6 minutes long.

The Man in front of me was pulling a face of disgust as he too was disturbed from his book.¬† So I try to¬†glance¬†round¬†to¬†make a mental note¬†not to sit near this person in the future,¬†but couldn’t work out who the culprit was!!

Now dont get me wrong Рthis person cutting their nails was not the problem Рit was the fact that it went on for so long.




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Lets all do the Hop!

A new dance craze is sweeping the nation……..The Commuter Hop!

I’ve been commuting to london for nearly two years now and it wasn’t until the other day that I noticed this strange phenonemon called the commuter hop. When you disembark the train at the end of a long day everyone rushes for the stairs in a race back to the car park, If your first over the bridge you win, nothing Material but you win, you¬†win the right to¬†walk back to your car with that smug look on your face that says to all the others still rushing over “I am better than you, I am faster and quicker and I am gnerally a better person”. It is not this smug look and race that I am interested in though…….

¬†……what I have noticed is the way in which we go up the stairs/over the bridge after you get off the train. It is a strange kind of dance/hop/bobbing motion. Watch tonight and see. As you race for those stairs step back watch everyone else start to hop up them in a bizzare bobbing motion. Then as you are half way up think about how you are travelling up the stairs…you my friend are probably¬†over compensating the height of each step¬†too!

¬†Despite the fact I have been travelling into London for a while this Phenonenom has never bothered me before, but now it does. You can’t not notice it. It doesn’t happen in the morning though. There is something about home time that makes a commuter Bob up and down as they travel over the stairs at the station. Something that gives them the extra height after each step is climbed that makes them (me included) look frankly quite ridiculous to the outside world! Ideas on a post card please.


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I see we meet again Mr ………. “who won’t let me through the barriers until you see my PhotoCard” Man

Like most great stories in life there is always a dashing villain and the good guy. Not too sure which one I am ūüėÄ
This morning I trundled along to the station as per usual, and already knowing that my ticket ‘again’ refuses to work in the machines, I opt to go straight to the man on the barrier showing clearly my ticket – He as usual asks to see my ticket and I once again refuse. Does he actually believe that I get up at the crack of dawn, wash, shower, brush my teeth, have a cuppa, don my shirt and suit in order to come down to the station with a fake ticket just to see if maybe today will be my lucky day and that they let me through so that I can stand their in jubilation and shout “I did it” and then walk back home to go to bed? I don’t think so! ūüėÄ
“Now the circle is complete, when I left you I was but the learner with a ticket that would work in the machines, now I am the master …. who has to come to you because it won’t bloody work!”
“Only a master of not having a valid ticket Chuff”
So I did my usual and pointed that it was in my wallet and proceeded to walk through (maybe I am indeed the leader of the Dark Side!)
I wonder how long he will keep asking me before I finally get stopped and police called – In the great words of that crazy toothed Kirsten Dunst .. “bring it on!”

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Unlucky for some ….

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Why can’t we buy turkey eggs….

Well there are a few reasons for this mostly economical

1. Turkeys start reproducing later than chickens and when they do they lay fewer eggs so are far less productive for farmers.

2. Turkey meat is worth more to Farmers as they are bigger so it makes more sense to eat them, than to keep them for their eggs (plus they take up more room to keep)

3. They are much more maternal and protective of their eggs so harder for farmers to colllect. You can get some big Turkeys and not sure I’d wanna trya dn cross an angry one!!!)

So all in all I think if the question is can you eat a turkey egg, then yes! don’t see why not, although good luck trying to steal them off the¬†Big¬†Mother turkey (what did you think I was going to say?). Why¬†aren’t they sold commercially see above, have you not listened to anything I just said!!


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