Lets all do the Hop!

A new dance craze is sweeping the nation……..The Commuter Hop!

I’ve been commuting to london for nearly two years now and it wasn’t until the other day that I noticed this strange phenonemon called the commuter hop. When you disembark the train at the end of a long day everyone rushes for the stairs in a race back to the car park, If your first over the bridge you win, nothing Material but you win, you win the right to walk back to your car with that smug look on your face that says to all the others still rushing over “I am better than you, I am faster and quicker and I am gnerally a better person”. It is not this smug look and race that I am interested in though…….

 ……what I have noticed is the way in which we go up the stairs/over the bridge after you get off the train. It is a strange kind of dance/hop/bobbing motion. Watch tonight and see. As you race for those stairs step back watch everyone else start to hop up them in a bizzare bobbing motion. Then as you are half way up think about how you are travelling up the stairs…you my friend are probably over compensating the height of each step too!

 Despite the fact I have been travelling into London for a while this Phenonenom has never bothered me before, but now it does. You can’t not notice it. It doesn’t happen in the morning though. There is something about home time that makes a commuter Bob up and down as they travel over the stairs at the station. Something that gives them the extra height after each step is climbed that makes them (me included) look frankly quite ridiculous to the outside world! Ideas on a post card please.



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