No need to worry

The whole world is full of people worrying about everything from wondering how to feed their family to their latte being cold with everything in between. Is there ever actually a correct time to worry? Should it even exist in the English dictionary …. No 😀
“I’m worried that I’m not allowed to be worried” you may be saying … well don’t worry about it because all is not lost. Take any problem / decision that you have and look at it as if it were someone else’s. (analyse with facts)
Let’s look at the chronology of a “worry”
1 – Something happens (normally bad)
2 – You spend time worrying about how bad things could possibly get
3 – You end up going round in circles as the worry gets worse
4 – You finally do something about it – Worry hopefully over
Is there a need for points 2 and 3 … er no! – it should go more like this:
1 – Something happens (normally bad)
2 – Take action to make it better 😀
The word “Worry” would have to squeeze into point 1.5 to even make an appearance. By the time you feel the urge to worry is the time that you should be taking action! Once you have decided on the correct course of action (after analysing the facts) then you can start the path that will help resolve the original event. Be happy with your decision (after all you did make it armed with all the facts) – If you stick to this positive way of thinking then you will be worry free for good.
No Worries 😛

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