I see we meet again Mr ………. “who won’t let me through the barriers until you see my PhotoCard” Man

Like most great stories in life there is always a dashing villain and the good guy. Not too sure which one I am 😀
This morning I trundled along to the station as per usual, and already knowing that my ticket ‘again’ refuses to work in the machines, I opt to go straight to the man on the barrier showing clearly my ticket – He as usual asks to see my ticket and I once again refuse. Does he actually believe that I get up at the crack of dawn, wash, shower, brush my teeth, have a cuppa, don my shirt and suit in order to come down to the station with a fake ticket just to see if maybe today will be my lucky day and that they let me through so that I can stand their in jubilation and shout “I did it” and then walk back home to go to bed? I don’t think so! 😀
“Now the circle is complete, when I left you I was but the learner with a ticket that would work in the machines, now I am the master …. who has to come to you because it won’t bloody work!”
“Only a master of not having a valid ticket Chuff”
So I did my usual and pointed that it was in my wallet and proceeded to walk through (maybe I am indeed the leader of the Dark Side!)
I wonder how long he will keep asking me before I finally get stopped and police called – In the great words of that crazy toothed Kirsten Dunst .. “bring it on!”

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