Why can’t we buy turkey eggs….

Well there are a few reasons for this mostly economical

1. Turkeys start reproducing later than chickens and when they do they lay fewer eggs so are far less productive for farmers.

2. Turkey meat is worth more to Farmers as they are bigger so it makes more sense to eat them, than to keep them for their eggs (plus they take up more room to keep)

3. They are much more maternal and protective of their eggs so harder for farmers to colllect. You can get some big Turkeys and not sure I’d wanna trya dn cross an angry one!!!)

So all in all I think if the question is can you eat a turkey egg, then yes! don’t see why not, although good luck trying to steal them off the Big Mother turkey (what did you think I was going to say?). Why aren’t they sold commercially see above, have you not listened to anything I just said!!



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One response to “Why can’t we buy turkey eggs….

  1. Max

    Thanks so much for clearing that up, knew there had to be a good reason and that you would solve
    the mystery!!

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