Should I stay or should I go?!

What a great place for psychological research the waterloo and city line can be. Let me explain:
This morning, I turn up at the entrance to the waterloo and city line to see a few people heading back in my direction. I take out my headphone jack from my old skool iRiver player (much better than any ipod IMHO, but that’s another blog entry all together) .. and hear an announcement that the “waterloo and city line is suspended due to Bank / Monument tube station being closed because of overcrowding”. Suddenly there is a wave of the people I would like to call “the believers” (are these the same people who: buy the daily mail? … buy the likes of westlife because they are told that it’s “a must have” …. are they the likes of people who devote their lives to a certain someone “apparently” upstairs because they have read it in a book ..(yes I’m talking about Bungle from ‘Rainbow’ – hehe only kidding) – I digress ….. back to “the believers” cascading towards me. I make way so that they can all get past and I stand at the top for a few moments pondering the problem at hand … “should I stay or should I go?” – the announcements are offering many different ways to get to bank, but none of them sounds very much fun so I opt to stay put for a while and see what happens. The people that I’m left surrounded by currently are “the inbetweeners” – they are either those who go through life sitting on the fence or they are ones who like to analyse a problem and then form an informed decision. I quickly make up my mind that I’m going to head down anyway and stand with those that I call “the sceptics” – they are either severely sceptical like me .. or just damn stubborn – it’s the approach of “I simply don’t believe that the announcement keeps telling me to go elsewhere, I shall stay here until you fix it” – this simple delay of a tube can define the people you are surrounded by everyday and how they deal with certain situations such as: “will they wait?” .. “if so how long will they wait etc” – it’s great.
I stood my ground and after 22 minutes of waiting on the tube it finally said that it was going and Bank tube was reopened – as the people from upstairs started to run down the ramp towards the train the doors shut (:D) – it’s never good to sit on the fence, make an informed decision and be happy with the choice you made. There are many many tougher decisions in life that we all face, however with a step back and quick look at the facts in hand you can make a wise decision, and never be afraid to stick to your guns unless the facts change and you need to take another step back.
I’ll take my philosophical hat off now

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