Manicure Anyone……?

One day last week I was on an early train (which I got as its empty and I get to read my book).  Anyhooo I noticed that I could hear a noise that you wouldn’t expect to hear on a train.  So I look up and try to distingish what it was, and low and behold it was the noise of someone cutting their nails. Yes I did say cutting their nails!!

Now being a lady I understand that you may have a loose nail and would file or cut it down so it don’t snag anything – but this person behind me must have had very long Rhino nails as this cutting session went on for three stops – which in my estimation is over 6 minutes long.

The Man in front of me was pulling a face of disgust as he too was disturbed from his book.  So I try to glance round to make a mental note not to sit near this person in the future, but couldn’t work out who the culprit was!!

Now dont get me wrong – this person cutting their nails was not the problem – it was the fact that it went on for so long.





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