What more can we say other than the title really! I joined our office in London a year ago and by May I had decided that I wanted to  go Barging (as you do). However barges are expensive and far away so we got a barge like cruiser instead and sailed off into the sunset……………well we sailed to wroxham on the norfolk broads, got completely pissed for 3 days and sailed back out of the sunset and into the office first thing monday morning!!! NICE


3 responses to “About

  1. that boat is paradise ! make me a scotch and dry.

  2. random person with a bit of comman sense

    why did you make this website, surely its the biggest waste of space i have every seen. i dont care wether you got pissed or not. sort it out, create yourself a website worth looking at and give me a shout you eejet!

    peace x

  3. supportunitonline

    You may well have a bit more commAn sense – however you should really try to get yourself an education so that you can at least learn to spell if nothing else!! – Then come back and feel free to comment all you want

    piece! (.. of cake)

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