Office Bingo

Ok – all you have to do is attempt to get some of these “everyday?!” phrases into any meeting that you may have. We all know how boring they can be so give it a try. It’s better if someone else is in on it so that you can put them off as they are making a serious point – all good fun though. Here’s a few to get you started : (any suggestions / comments / stories welcome)

1 – we realy should “get on” that
2 – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (for at least 10 seconds)
3 – what about the starving children in africa?
4 – *click click* Bobs your *click click* uncle!
5 – its as if technical support people have tourettes or somthing
6 – its not what I’ve got here, oh wait yes it is, I was looking at a map
7 – well, it’s all carpet to me
8 – spiffing, and I mean that!
9 – dont you come that with me bucko
10 – thats easy for you to say, i might have a lisp

haha there you go, fairly tough but still fun!




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