Lies all Lies!!!!!!

All the major engineering projects taking place for 10 days over the Christmas and New Year have gone according to plan and services will start as normal on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

‘one’ apologises for any inconvenience you have incurred over this period. We hope you’ve had a good Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2008.

To check the details of your train use our journey planner.

This was the email I had waiting in my inbox for my return to work this morning. Please see my reply to One railway below:

Dear “one”
With regards to the  above email I would just like to say that incase you weren’t aware this really is not the case. The reason I say this is because after a journey of 2 and a quarter hours (usually 1 and a quarter) my train was terminated at Stratford this morning, and due to the fact that everyone else whos train into Liverpool Street was terminated here (funny really when the station is (“open” according to you), there was so much people traffic and overcrowding on the central line that I had to get thye DLR to Poplar and change and got to Bank with overall was an hour out of my way. So may i make a small suggestion about your proud marketing emails that you may have finally got it right and completed work on time, You Didn’t, so please do not send me these emails that sit in my inbox waiting for me to finally arrive late at work following your incompetence that are blatent lies! For Future reference when completeing major engineering works tell everyone they will finish a week later than they will and aim for the early deadline. This way you may have a small chance of completing on time.
Thanks for my pleasent first Journey back after Christmas


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