The Christmas Grinch ………. OK I mean gimp :D

Was jaunting back to the old station with my sister last night and it was all quiet … not even a mouse was stirring .. the xmas tree as up in the station (quite and impressive effort I must add this year) – My sister had to buy a ticket and seeing as I get a reduction for people travelling with me we decided to give it a whirl.
  The machine was not giving us any options to get the cheap ticket …. so we saw that the ticket hall was completely empty.
  Upon entering the ticket area, you are faced with a snake of those lovely “roped off things” – you know the ones where you can pull at one end and then hook the plastic onto the stand next to it etc etc – seeing as the place was entirely empty and there was an ‘assistant’ in front of us, my sister started to duck under the ribbons to get to the front ……. the assistant said that she “can’t do that … you have to go round the snake” – we explained that there as no one actually in here except us …. but he was adamant and said that we “have to go round the snake and then when you get to the front wait there and one us will call you when we are ready” – Well, I told him where he could stick his ticket and went under the barriers anyway (what a rebel I am! :D) – I did make sure that I unclipped a few of them though to give the gimp something to do later seeing as he must be so mind-numbingly bored with his job and his life that he has to ‘create’ a situation like this. Seriously; merry bloody christmas to you too, …he must be a leech that sucks the life out of society. Someone should put him out of his misery (I would be more than happy to assist him with this if he would like my help – I could get one of the ribbons and wrap it round his neck and drag him round the snake so that it gradually gets tighter and tighter until it gradually leaks the life out of him until there is nothing but a dim glow and he’d pray that I would put him out of this hell .. well no ….. I’m sure it could be arranged for him to be kept in this state of burning hell so that he dips in and out of consciousness to be constantly reminded of his plight for an eternity) – However I divulge (apologies .. I am currently listening to “Bleeding Through” and it’s making me have very bad thoughts :D)
 As it was we went along to the next guy and my sister said that they guy “must have a really tiny brain” (I must have been blessed with the insult gene in my family! :P) – the assistant who was now serving us was laughing at us anyway (obviously our ‘friend’ clinging so closely onto his excuse of a life was making fun of us behind the desk. Well you do what you like mate cos at the end of the day I’m very happy with my life and have a wicked time, and basically have “fun” (for all the religious types out there searching for the meaning of life .. it’s just that … in a word .. “Fun!” – go enjoy rather than wasting your time searching for stupid answers to stupid questions) – If he’s so disgruntled with his life then drive yourself to Bristol Bridge and see if you can fly 😀
So ….. this could have all been avoided by using a little bit of common sense and enjoying your life – Happy Days!

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