Mac Attack

No thanks ….. I’m not hungry
Can grown men actually get dressed? Not if the guys on my train are anything to go by! – Why is that when they decide that it’s about 10 mins before we are due to pull into the station and so therefore must put their big “rainproof” Mac on they …. First off it’s about as rainproof as my Nan standing naked in torrential tidal waves wearing only a Rain Hat! Secondly, is it strictly “Mac wearer’s code” to swing it round, with the vigour of a L’Oreal Hair model, and smack me in the face / eye / knackers!? – Can you not simply take the jacket, spy where the arms are and place your arms in them? Surely this is something that is taught at grade school 😀
anyway – I always like to get my own back by ‘mistakenly’ swinging my backpack onto my back and ‘accidently’ hitting them with it – hehe – oh the childish games we play
Love it

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