Asleep on the Train….

A week or so ago I had the pleasure of watching the Man sitting opposite me Dribbling onto his expensive suit.

I know its a horrible thing to see – but I had to share this with you as the Man is one of those arrogant City types that thinks that he’s the only one that pays for his train fares, so entitles him to take up two seats on a crowded train.

Anyway getting back to my story…….! I was of course really into my book and only looked up as he started to snore….he was again taking up two seats with his legs wide open and sitting at an angle that my knees were hitting his. 

He started off asleep quite peacefully and then his snoring got louder and louder….its only once I looked up that I saw (with great disgust) that he was in fact dribbling onto the lapel of his ‘loverly’ pinstripe suit. 

The funniest thing to this incident is that he woke up such a start that he jumped in his seat (like he had been awoken from a mad dream) realised that there were a few people watching him and then had to root around in his pocket for a tissue to wipe the dribble from his jacket…… the funny thing is that the tissue must have been old as it then left a very large white mark behind!!

The logic to this is to not fall asleep – but if you do try to do it with your mouth closed!




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