Walking in London…..!

The last two mornings I have been amazed by two things in particular.

1)  I am trying to get my head around why people would read a book and walk whilst commuting in the city on a busy pavement. 

As I walked to work in my usual fast fashion I could see people in front of me parting like there was a large person walking in our direction (it was a bit like the parting of the Red Sea).  As they got nearer I was amazed that it was actually a couple so engrossed in their books that they were walking and reading and not paying any attention to the fact that they were bumping into oncoming people. 

Now, I find this both silly and irritating as they were walking in double file and holding hands so people had to move around them – some people were hoping off the pavement into the road just to get around them!

2)  This falls into the same category as No1 – why would a person be so silly as to play a hand held games console whilst walking?

This particular man was again not walking in the correct fashion that you need to walk in the city – he was walking as slow as a snail and was soo engrossed in his game that he tripped up the pavement and nearly lost the console to the pavement

I think that both sets of people as silly and should watch out that they dont get tripped up by an angry commuter!!




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