Have you hired a monkey!?

Humperdinkaling mentioned in her blog about waiting in “her spot” for the train doors and then being able to get “her seat” – Now stop me if I’m wrong, but I wouldn’t classify myself as a genius by any description, however I would say that I hold a certain amount of common sense. – Let’s look at an everyday occurrence that happens at my mainline station on the way home:

Everyone is crowded in the main part of the station staring up at the screens – In waterloo there are 3 groups of screens – surprisingly enough these are evenly spaced across the 26 platforms or so.

Common Sense point number 1:

You get roughly the same train every day so therefore have you not got a slight inkling that the train just might be on say platform 13 again like it has been everyday for the last few years? I’m not saying that it has never changed, however if it’s not this one then it might be 12 or 14 – So, now we have our knowledge … shall we actually use this information wisely and maybe stand at the screens just under platform 13? Surely that would be too logical for some folk! – OR we could stand right at the far end near platform 26 and then huff and puff and complain when the magic numbers 13 appear for the train and we have to walk all the way along with the crowds and with serious risk of not getting a seat? Hmm, I know what I would prefer to do!

Ok – so now we wander on down to platform 13 and shock horror the train is not there yet but about to pull in. This bring us on to ……

Common Sense point number 2:

I know what would be the best plan in order for us all to wait for the train – let’s all stand one or two person deep at every single possible position along the entire platform and hope and pray that the doors stop in front of me. Now time out for a second … Does it not spring to mind that, potentially, in order to keep the cost of building new trains down, that the company who built them designed a model and then built the trains to all be alike – maybe in the “twilight zone” where most commuters seem to spend most of their time, they believe that the company hired a monkey to point at random parts of the train and they then used this heavily scientific method to place the doors at these specific points (as suggested by the monkey) in order to make it a fair chance for all commuters should they ever be waiting for a train to pull in? I think not – come on people …. so now back to the problem of trying to work out just where these magical doors might stop. I did mention before that there are around 26 platforms at waterloo ……… well let’s just pretend that we were going to be logical about this for a second ……… what if I was to look across the platform and see that there was a train on another one … would it not be an idea to stand inline with those door perhaps just in case I was correct that they built all the doors in the same place?! – Now apologies for the severe amount of sarcasm going on here but I’m only trying to help. I bet you that these “monkey door thinkers” hold very good and well paid jobs somewhere in the city and yet they can’t spot a few simple methods to help them get a seat on the way home?! At the end of the day it’s their loss and my gain, so maybe I should be keeping it to myself but come on.

There is a serious lesson to learn from this …. Simple observation can get you a long way and seriously aid your day to day business … I’m not just talking knowing where a train door will stop .. I mean, actually taking the time to observe other people and places around you – take the time to give it a go and you will be shocked at what you are normally missing.

Cheers – hope it helps you find a seat 🙂



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  1. supportunitonline


    I too do the logical thing of looking across at another train and try to estimate where the doors may be for when my train pulls in!!


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