Am I being unreasonable?

As I’m sure most commuters do, I have my spot on the platform which I stand at every morning and correlates nicley to the rights doors, to then allow me to sit in “my” seat!! Everyone does it!! Don’t they?

I’m usually on the 7:12 train, although sometimes I get the slightly earlier one, I will always still sit in “my seat”, or the close surrounding area. This morning I was on said earlier train and sat down in “my seat”. As with the last few times I have got this train There is a small group of 5 ladies that sit near me a talk…..and talk…….and laugh! Whilst I have no objections to people enjoying themselves on the train why do they have to do it so loudly? Everyone else on the tain was quiet. So why did they not speak quietly? The thinig that made it worse was they are all around 50 and talking out loud about sex on a packed commuter train. I have to say that as well as not being able to sleep this subject matter made me feel rather sick, as it was coming from who it was. Is it unreasonable to be annoyed about this?

 Glad I got that aired!!!

I am finding myself an increasinly angry and bitter commuter though! I seem to have a very large hang up about open windows. So much so that I go to sleep on the train (all cosy and warm) and get woken up by a cold blast, and as I am still in half asleep mode I don’t realise what I am saying. A couple of times (especially if I am travelling with a friend) I find i wake  up shouting “someones opened the Window” in a Very angry tone. I think people have noticed! “My seat” is a two birth one, i sit by the window. Usually A couple of stops in a man gets on and sits nect to me. The same man most days. However he doesn’t really stop by any more 😦 ……………………………….

Humperdinakaling x


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One response to “Am I being unreasonable?

  1. supportunitonline

    Well, with the amount of money you spend on commuting I dont think you are being unreasonable.

    If you pay alot of money you expect a good service and a nice comfortable journey.


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