The Pictures will talk for themselves…!!

I am not a fashion conscious person – but I get great delight when reading weekly magazines that have pictures off shoes.  They somewhat leave me speechless as I just dont know how someone could design some of these monsters let alone make them.

Please see below for some of the ‘Beauts’ I have seen this week:-

1) I dont want to name the designer – but these shoes were recently seen on a Famous Designers Catwalk show.  I get the ethic that your weight is distributed between the heel at the back and front of the shoe and that this could help with your posture – but really are they that safe to walk in? And correct me if I’m wrong but is the material wicker?  I do however wonder how much your local cobbler would charge to re-heel them?


2) Now this shoe I think accompanies No 3 on my list.  Its a wedge shoe that’s designed to look like a mouse.  I can see whiskers (LOL) and teeth that look like they are made out of paper.  I wont even start on the material….!


3) Unless your a massive cat lover or are attending a fancy dress doo – I dont understand why anyone would buy these.  I am still trying to work out what type of outfit you can wear them with.  Not too sure if you can see – but the leather is also textured!





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