I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti – I came close myself!

Ok – so I board my London bound train, admittedly I am running a little late and probably should already be in work, but it’s too late for all that. I get on ….. more like squeeze on! …. and find a place to stand in the vestibule area (I’m always there! hehe) – I found myself surrounded by a whole bunch of kids probably around 15 years old. This was obviously some “nice idea at the time” school trip into London to go see the London Eye or something. From the moment I got on there was a girl saying “NO” to a series of questions – Once I started to listen to these questions I realised that they were in fact trying to amuse themselves, all standing up in the middle, by playing a guessing game.

“is he male?” – “NO”

“is he in films?” “NO”

(maybe I’m a god at this game or surely the second question shouldn’t be “is HE .. blah blah” .. seeing as the first question was a no!)

This went on for various attempts and as there was so many of them it didn’t take too long for them to come up with an answer .. luckily – that was until we came to one kids go

“is he male?” – YES

“is he female?” – said some bright spark ….. keep on like that sunny Jim and you’ll go far .. maybe you can grow up to be a politician or something! 😀 … what do you think IT is? a eunuch or something … a space monkey? …. a half gimp/half raspberry creation?

and so the questions continue – we now know that he’s in films .. is “VERY” old … has won an Oscar … is very famous .. British .. etc etc etc – the list goes on and on and on! – by this time I’m screaming inside begging some poor squirt says “Anthony bloody Hopkins”

Then they start to make matters worse:

“oh I know …. the one in that film!” – well no sh1t Mr Holmes!!! – he’s an actor .. maybe he’d be in Clingfilm or something or possibly his agent managed to get him into a film!! – genius!

“the film with the sheep in it!” – yeah nice one mate ….. great way to confuse those other chumps you call friends!

“the one with that other woman in it?!” – yes – surprisingly there was a woman in it as well – it’s not reservoir dogs (only has about 1 woman in it I think) – so I guess you’re right!

At this point I was about to shout out the flaming answer – however luckily someone who had been fairly quiet up to this point managed to conjure up the answer – I was saved ……… that was until ….

“ok ok .. my go” ………. oh dear

As the train pulled into London one of them said …

“this isn’t fair .. let’s do it with animals?!” – well mate, whatever floats your boat … what you do in your own spare time is up to you! 😀

Lesson of the day …… make sure that your MP3 player doesn’t run out of battery !




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One response to “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti – I came close myself!

  1. supportunitonline


    I thought that it was only my line that had stupid people on it – how you contained yourself is beyond me!! However, it was a funny read. ;0)


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