Key Tones

Can anyone out there tell me the reason why or explain why mobile phones have KEYS WITH TONES?

I dont know how the world would work without phones and I too dont know what I would do without mine – but I just dont get Key Tones!!! 

Over the last month or so I have noticed in the mornings (along with other things on my train – see my other rants) a person who will spend the entire journey either sending texts, writing a memoir or re-configuring their phone….!

I dont understand the need to let the entire carriage know that you have a phone, I mean we all have them, but letting us know that you have keys with tones is just not needed.

Well I finally found out who this person is.  I had the wonderful opportunity of sitting opposite him on my way into work listening to ‘…beep….beeep, beeeep (pause) ….beep, beeeep, beep, (pause)  beep, beep, beeeeep……’ and this went on for 25 minutes of my journey – but thinking about it, he was on the trian before me and so he could have been going ‘at it ‘ for longer!!

I found it a tad distracting and did try to give him looks of disgust – but as he was so IN LOVE with is phone he never got the wonderful opportunity to see my ‘Death Stare’……!

Maybe I need to take calm tablets before encountering my train, as I seem to commute on the line that has the most strangest people on it.




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One response to “Key Tones

  1. supportunitonline

    I must admit this is an extremely irritating event when it’s happening to you. I simply can’t understand why people feel the need for you to know that they are texting – some folks have issues I guess! 😀

    Make sure that you tell them of it next time you are near them. Show them up in public – hopefully that will stop them. Nothing like a good bit of name and shame. hehe

    Chuffy … or should I say beep beep beep, beep beep, beep beep, beep beep beep ………. 😛

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