The Secret Diary of Adriana Smole

Was on the train last night and after finishing my copies of the London Lite and the London Paper I was left to look around me (as you do!) – There was a woman sitting in front of me but slightly to the side facing the same way as myself who was flicking through a humungous diary and crossing it out like a nutter possessed. She happened to look round and I guess I must have been looking in that direction because she suddenly started to tilt her diary away from me and get all protective.

A couple of things on this:

1. Get over yourself love – do you think that I actually give a sh1t what day you’re having lunch with fartypants and f*ckface?

2. If you don’t want it read then don’t get it out on a public train!

3. I hope you’re a doctor, because that’s the worst writing I’ve ever seen – it looks like you got your 3 yr old kid to write it after you’ve fed them on amphetamines for a month and just injected them with rabies!

4. As if shielding it away from me is going to help – get a life!

5. Did I mention …… “get a life” ?

6. Get yourself a sensible sized diary! – why not try an A3 size next time …tw4t!

Yours rantingly

Chuffy 😛


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