Cold Weather and Flip Flops

Why is it that people in the UK dont seem to understand that once the weather changes and it starts to Rain and get Cold that they should put away their summer footwear. 

I dont know about you but I associate October as an Autumn Month….but I cant get my head around why people in the city who are bringing out their Macs, Coats and scarf’s are still deciding to wear Flip Flops.

The weather this week has not been great and if my memory serves me correct Monday was horrid day and it was raining all day – however I saw at least 6 silly women clawing their toes and trying not to loose their Flip Flops in the pooring rain.

These are the stupid people that catch colds and spread them continuously at work and on the train – please see my earlier rant of “Tissue Time….or maybe not!?” – do they not have any common sense or are they just trying to show of their manky toes that have not had any sort of pedicure in ages….?




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