City AM man…….ressurection from the dead!!!!

Mr City “I am going to try my hardest to obstruct every pedestrian in London” AM man is Alive!!!! but he has changed his literature of choice to distribute! He has also chosen a slightly different location! Perhaps the bus stop at Bank station just didn’t have enough people to annoy, who knows???? But our City AM man seems to now be distributing the “Sport” magazine at Liverpool street! This morning I could hardly get past the Post box without fighting him side stepping across evveryones path! He has also teamed up with another “Obstructor” (perhaps these two were the cream of the crop of City AM distributers whilst together obstructing a very large percentage of Londoners on there way to work, so have been promoted?) just a thought. Don’t forget that once past the “sport ” people you now have the new intake of City AM distributors to fight (they have clearly been taking tips from their seniors!

Anyways Its a warning to all of you exiting the Liverpool street station exit by Maccy D’s! Be ware, take evasive action, or they will trip you up, punch you in the stomach, breathe their smelly morning breath at you and invade your personal space, not to mention singal handedly ensure you drop all bags and belongings you are struggling to carry!


(p.s of course this may not really be the same man, but they look slightly similar with all the saem actions , I’ve just put two and two together. Maybe the answer is five, but my bet is thats its 4!)


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One response to “City AM man…….ressurection from the dead!!!!

  1. supportunitonline

    I dont care where he goes as long as he dont come back to try and obstruct me with journeys into work!!


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