Going for …. going for …. GOLD

Surely the first thing that comes to anyone’s head with that title is a bunch of random, crazily dressed, smiling Europeans called “Hanz” or “Yanni” waving at the camera so vigorously that they could generate enough electricity to support the entire national grid!

However, you’ll be pleased to know that this blog entry actually has nothing to do with Henry Kelly or any of his “what am I?” questions ……….. surely one of them would have been at least half tempted to say “…….. a c*ck?!…..” – if only my name was Hanz!! ………

anywayyyyy ……… I was on the train last night, going home, and it was rather crowded to say the least as I was in the first carriage and everyone was leaping on as it was about to go off.

I was stood in the vestibule area (I always seem to be there! hehe) – Once the train was on it’s way I read my papers and then started to survey the folks around me. In the corner to my left was what only can be described as a little hobbit style creature who did actually look like Charlie from lost. After observing this chap for a few seconds I noticed that he was getting rather friendly with his nose, using his thumb! – he was having a good old rummage – much like you would when finding old toys in a loft. – I was rather intrigued. When he pulled out (it would be easier to pull troops out of Iraq!) he had the longest nail I’ve ever seen – no wonder he was finding so many “treats” up there!

Cleary this wasn’t good enough for him and so he managed to reach in with his first and second finger together ….. (seriously .. re-read that statement … first and second finger together … try it yourself !!! .. place your second finger on top of the nail on the first finger .. now try to get that up one nostril! …. seriously .. I bet you can’t …. if nothing else .. it’s very impressive!

He was not just digging for gold but clearly now it was for glory! – he surveyed each dig with gusto and did not stop until he left at my station.

Impressive but disgusting – If you happen to be reading this and love a good dig yourself, then do try to do it in the comfort of your own home ….. please! …….. unless you happen to be near either Henry Kelly or one of his crazy wavers .. in which case .. wipe it one their sleeve! 😀

“who am I?” ….. well “Chuffy of course”




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One response to “Going for …. going for …. GOLD

  1. supportunitonline

    I too remember that awful programme with its very irritating theme Tune….!

    Going back to your Hobbit – why is it that if someone is doing something horrible like picking their nose ‘we’ get mesmerised by it all and dont look away until they have finished. He obviously must have been very hungry as using ‘two’ fingers is very extreme!

    Another thought is how did he know that he could use two fingers in the first place???? He sure must have had VERY LARGE nostrils

    ‘…Who am I…?’ Well Donohoe of course


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