Tissue Time…or maybe not!?

I can officially confirm that the season of ‘Sniffling and Coughing’ has finally arrived!!

I had a Man sit next to me this morning on my way into work and all he did was sniff and swallow his phlegm for the entire 25 minute journey.  At one point I rummaged in my handbag to find him a tissue (Yes I can be nice sometimes) – but could only find one that I had already used!

It was so horrid that at one point I sighed so hard that it hurt my nose – but he seemed unfazed to the fact that he was turning the stomachs of myself and the lady opposite me….!

I understand that we all fall victims of the horrid cold and flu bugs – but it cant harm anyone to carry a tissue in their handbag or pocket – or can it?

By 10 minutes into my journey I really couldn’t concentrate on my book so rested it on my lap and decided to look out of the window.  With nothing to distract me I nearly jumped out of my seat as a lady behind me coughed….! Now, words cant explain how this was no ordinary cough – but I guess I could compare it to a bark of a very large dog…….! It was so loud and deep that I caught the eye of the Lady opposite me and we both started to giggle!!!

So to round this up I had the Man next me sniffling and swallowing his Phlegm and then a Lady Cough/Barking behind me!!

Roll on Spring thats what I say!





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3 responses to “Tissue Time…or maybe not!?

  1. supportunitonline

    This is something that really gets my proverbial goat. If you are really that ill then why not stay in bed and save spreading it round everyone!? Also as Donohoe says, can you please carry a hanky or something? It is really disgusting to hear it – luckily I normally have a few chunky riffs blaring away in my sound muffling earphones (I can def recommend the Shure EC5s for complete Phlegm blockage! – possibly a blindfold would offer the full package in “snivel protection” – although clearly this would not actually stop you getting the cold yourself hehe)

    Judging by some of the heavy sighs I have heard here at work, it must have been loud! hehe

    THe most optimist approach to look at it though is to think that at least when you have it you can pass it on in style – maybe even managing to mutate the virus slightly so that snivelling tw*t who gave it to you can catch it again – hehe 😀


  2. supportunitonline

    I have a resident Sniffler/phlegm swallower/all round vile man! He gets on my carriage everyday and as soon as hes sat down it starts with this stomach churning, phelgm swallowing routine! Vile! The other day he had a cold, I had to physically move it was so gross!!!! God why do some people not realise!

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