Obstruction by City AM

I know I may have complained about ‘free stuff’ in the past, but I so don’t like newspapers (for various reasons) and so do not read the ones that are free within inner London.  I’m not posh or anything (actually far from it) but I always seem to get the ink all over the place and will look a state before anyone tells me so.  Hence choosing not to read them.

Anyway, this morning I was walking to work already laden down with my Handbag, Cath Kidson Holdall and my breakfast (which consisted of a bacon sandwich, some sort of ‘new’ Robinsons drink and a Tea), which was all ‘housed’ in one of those brown paper bags. 

And as you know if you spill any sort of wet substance anywhere near the bag it will start to disintegrate!!!!  

 So, I was just nearing work, had gotten my heel caught in the pavement, bumped into a man that wasn’t looking where he was going and could see that my Tea (which leaked as soon as I got out of the coffee shop) was now wetting the bottom of the bag.

I decided that I better pick up my pace, when out of nowhere the man that hands out the free papers decides to stick his arm out in front of me and shout “City Am” and miss my midriff by maybe 2 inches.  With that I nearly dropped the brown paper bag (which is dripping with tea) and of course was very angry that his arm nearly collided with my body.  I felt anger developing against this Man but decided to contain it and just shouted “…NO…” at him. 

Now, this is not the first time that I have been ‘Obstructed’ by these Paper Men, and I don’t think that it will be my last, but I do wish that they would use more tack when doing their jobs – as I believe that if a member of Public ‘really’ wanted a paper they would approach them with their hand out – not laden down with bags walking at a fast pace and looking forward.

I think they are even worse when you are trying to get to your station in the Evenings as they are at every corner on the high roads and then dotted at various points outside the station.  The other evening I counted 5 Men on my way to the station and believe that if wanted I could have aquired 5 papers as well!! 

I understand that they have a job to do, but I dont want them obstructing me in my day-to-day commuting!Donohoe




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2 responses to “Obstruction by City AM

  1. supportunitonline

    They are rather irritating – they also block the stairs out of the tube in the morning! – However on the upside I would say that the London Lite does not come off in your hands and it’s a pretty good read.

    “Lite, Lite, Lite, Lite, Lite, Lite, Lite, Lite, Lite” – just practising for my new job 😀

    They would make people want it more if they were the opposite and didn’t give them away – then we’d wonder what it was and magically want one – hehe


  2. Humperdinkaling

    O yes I agree Wityh the donohoe! Altthough I read every free paper under the sun (If I read economically i.e not too fast I can last out at least an hour of my journey!) It is so true that there is no need to completly block a whole pavement by standing in the stickman stance of both arms stretched out wide!

    However Although I seem to collect these papers as if they are going out of fashion I do object to the distributors that still block your path even when quite clearly you are already clutching a paper of that brnad.

    Anyways agree with the Chuffster on the Londn lite, great read, no mess!


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