Chuffy goes bananas

This is a year or so, but we didn’t have the blog back then so here goes with the story:

It was a cold autumn morning, and there was a slight chill in the air. All was quiet ……….. yeah yeah whatever. I was jaunting along to the waterloo and city line and was running a tad late. I had a nice bit of Deicide blaring in my ears and was loving it. In my rush to get on the train, I had forgotten to get my Carnet ticket validated. (For those of you who aren’t as Oldskool as me, this is pre-Oyster card and you pre bought a batch of 10 tickets that you validated when needed each time. (They had already been paid for).

So once I was on the train, I suddenly thought, “oh pants, I’ve forgotten to validate it – oh well I will just show them at the gate when I get there”

I stroll off the train and let the majority of commuters shuffle / barge past. I saw a rather large lady guarding the gate to get out of the tube and I jaunted over and proceeded to explain my forgetfulness – she was having none of it! – I did say to her on numerous occasions that she could keep the carnet ticket that I was showing her as they are pre-paid. She was saying that I had to have it validated. At this point Chuffy was starting to get rather narked off. I pleaded with her one last time (rather aggressively I must admit) that I had already paid for it, so whether it was validated or not made no difference so long as she kept it! – She aggressively told me back that I could either pay a penalty fare or go back to Waterloo and validate the ticket. The red mist appeared and that was it – chuffy had now officially gone bananas

Much swearing and comments along the lines of ….”f*** you …. are you f***ing kidding me?! What the f*** is your f***ing problem!!?”……

Seeing as I did not wish to pay £15 or however much the fine was, I stormed off back onto a train heading towards Waterloo. To say that I was not impressed would be the understatement of the year. I still had Deicide and their number one hit “kill the christian” blasting away, which in hindsight clearly didn’t help matters – I’m sure I was thinking more along the lines of “kill the stupid fat woman” – anyhoooo.

As luck would have it (or maybe it’s the normal british public’s reaction…) I managed to get a whole vestibule area of the packed train to myself as I stormed on muttering who knows what (maybe the back pack and many wires from headphones and mp3 player etc coming from the backpack and meeting in the control console strapped to my chest helped to clear a few out hehe)

I disembarked back at waterloo and jaunted up the slope; went to the machine; validated the ticket and then huffed back towards the train again ready for my 3rd trip on the tube in one morning.

Again my particular carriage seemed rather empty compared to anyone else’s 😛

Upon reaching Bank station again I shoved along the platform, with my ticket in full view – I went back to the fat woman to show her my ticket and shouted “is that f***ing good enough for you!!!?” – she opened the gate without muttering a word – most probably hoping I would just disappear. After passing through the gate, I passed off a few more pleasantries and screwed up the ticket and threw it back at her.

Although I am the first to condone abuse towards members of staff of any work place – these people should use a little common sense and work out that A) someone is about to go potty, and B) that I had already paid for it and thus the exercise was pointless apart from stroking the fat woman’s ego (which would have taken a fair bit of stroking!)

So there you have it – another pleasurable trip to work

Chuffy 😀



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2 responses to “Chuffy goes bananas

  1. supportunitonline

    I laughed, laughed and then laughed some more…….Pity you never had a Banana to stuff in her mouth – as that would have shut her up!!

    I think I would have gone totally mental if that was me….!


  2. supportunitonline

    I would Have slapped her with a wet fish!

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