Shopping so far this week….!!

I dont know,  you would think that I’m rich or something, or that I’ve just had a pay day – well both of them are untrue!!

I seem to have my “I need to buy loads of stuff that I dont urgently need” hat on as I have this week – and its only Thursday. 

I  have purchased a really nice pair of Wellies, a 2008 diary, 2 Coat Hanger Storers, a Kitchen Knife and two Dehumidifiers for my wardrobe….!!

On another note – I purchased a rather large Banana from the Coffee shop this morning when getting my tea.  I have showed it to the office and they were surprised how big it was and that it could lay along both of my hands!! The only thing is that I will have to be ‘really’ hungary to eat it!




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One response to “Shopping so far this week….!!

  1. Humperdinkaling

    You are so strange!

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