O dear god save me form this craze

What are they thats what I wanna know……..THE CROC!!!! Fair enough I see the immense practicallity of these for gardening or slippers around the house. I can even acknowledge how fun, with all the colours, these are for children, plus you can just rinse them off when children get messy, as they inevitably do, But Grown adults wearing them out? Why are they so popular? they look hideous! yet so many love them. Well folks for all you fellow Croc haters I’m afraid to announce that it has stepped up a level.

There are two places you can generally escape this croc craze (emigrating is no good as they are an airport favourite and have bred into other counrtys across the world). Number one is the office. Even the worlds worst dresser surley realises these are neither appropriate or practical in the office. Two any cold wet weather climate areas e.g england in the winter, with all those hoels you’ll just get wet feet. These two safe Havens are no more…..

 Let me introduce the CROC Professional! O yes they are exaxtly what you think Croc office shoes. please see below official description:

Closed top protects the foot and ribbed ventilation ports channel fluids away. looks good at the office, on a boat or peeking out from the bottom of your scrubs. They’re lightweight and have non-marking, slip resistant soles.

 There is worse……

I know what your thinking, but they still have holes, we are safe from the ugliness when it rains, ALAS my friends you are not………..behold the CROC boot………

Ther are just no words to describe it!



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2 responses to “O dear god save me form this craze

  1. supportunitonline

    I have a really good picture of a mate wearing a Green pair, mini skirt and a boob tube in one of thoes souvenier shops in Malaga……I didnt force her to try them on (I promise) but boy did she look funny…!!

    But I too have recently seen a whole family wearing them at the Airport…The funny thing is that the Father really thought that he looked cool by also wearing shorts and white sports socks!!

    These shoes need to be burnt as I am sure that are other shoes that can be used for Gardening!!


  2. Humperdinkaling

    hmmmm…..burning is a good idea, however i think the fumes they would give off may single handedly destroy the ozone layers and rest of the rainforest!!! haha imagane a giant melted pool of multi couloured plastic croc!

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