Monster in your Parasol

Not too sure if I had eaten something mental or was just new surroundings etc but I went to sleep last night and suddenly woke up at 2.30am and thought that there was someone in my room – to say that my covers came flying off rather rapidly would be an understatement – not to mention the screaming of “who the f*** are you? … who the f***ing hell are you?!” – Obviously there wasn’t actually anything there, but my heart certainly got a workout.

This is not the first time that this has happened as I managed to wake up most of a youth hostel in Scotland after I awoke and thought that the ladder of the bunk-bed was infact some crazed villain out to kill me – strangely it was still just the ladder. (My room mates where more shocked at my screaming than I was at the phantom intruder!) – there were also a nice few comments at breakfast from other hostel stayers asking each other if they heard “that nutter” ………..  that nutter was me 😀 .. get in!

Just in case you’re worried I do normally sleep fine – maybe it’s all the cheese! – hehe



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2 responses to “Monster in your Parasol

  1. supportunitonline

    Lol – I think you need to stay of the Dairy products after 8pm!!


  2. supportunitonline

    hehe – yeah – it was prob midnight jaunt to tescos that did it! – it was freaky though, I was certain that there was someone in there, was shouting at the top of my voice – what will the neighbours say? 😀 (most prob will say something along the lines of …. “i hope that’s not a girlfriend he’s talking to?!) – saying that I did shout at my ex once, thinking she was an intruder when she nipped out to the loo … she soon learnt to stay in bed or wake me first hehe – love it


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