Free ‘Stuff’ at your Station – well kinda

Why is it that when you exit a train station there are always young Ladies giving away free stuff.

Companies have now got the idea that if they have a pretty girl at a train station distributing some sort of goods it boost’s their advertisement…..Well they are correct.

On many occaisions I have exited my station and found Men tripping over eachother to ty and get the free goods.

Well this morning I got to the top of the escalators and saw from a distance a few ladies handing out a flyer along with ‘something else’ – and of course there was a swam of men hanging around.  So out of curiousity I wander over and see that they are handing out ‘Free Chewing Gum’. 

A few people (including a woman) passes her by and she hands them a packet.  A man is in front of me and the lady gives him one packet and I then hear him asking for two more.  She does and gives him a very ‘wide’ smile.  Its my turn next and she hands me ‘a’ packet (without a smile) – so me being forward decides to ask her for another one!! 

Well you would have thought that I had asked her lend me money or something as the look I got could have killed in an instant and the reply she gave me a bit unaudible but I did catch “……NO….”!

I walked off and thought – stupid Woman…..I was only trying to take more goods off you so you didnt have to stand out in this cold damp morning handing out chewing gum…….I sure hope that it rains on her and that her make-up runs and her hair goes all Frizzy!

The moral of this is “……Its loads of free stuff for Men and only ‘One’ for Females……”.




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