Why do mobile phones cause a ‘Train’ Reaction….?

Why is it that when you have delays and are stuck on a train the whole carriage decides to use their phone and inform everyone about it…….?

One morning last week I had an early dark start to the day – did my usual ritual of leaving late for my designated train and making it by the skin of my teeth……Anyway, I get a nice seat and was well into my book (a Murder and Torture type of book) and noticed that we had been siting outside my last stop for the last 5 mins or so.

I finish the book and realise that we are now running over 15 mins late – I have no book to read, have no real view to concentrate on and that the train is silent.

A few more minutes pass and the driver decides to announce over the loudspeaker in a very LOUD and irritating voice “…. there are delays with this train ….blah, blah, blah, blah, blah……and I am unable to tell you how long we will be stuck here……”. 

With this a man further down the carriage gets on his phone and lets the recipient of the call know that he was gonna be late and that he didnt know what time he was gonna get ‘there’.  Well he must have been deaf (or have his phone on loudspeaker) as I could hear both sides of this converstation.

With that another person gets on their phone, then another, then another, and what started out as a quiet carriage turned into a very loud babble of people on their mobiles……I ask you why does this happen???   I mean, what happened before the invention of Mobile Phones???




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