Totally Outclassed in the seat department

Due to the busy nature of my trains in the morning .. and evening, it has become increasingly difficult to get a seat whilst travelling in to work. After many years of having to stand in a corner or having to sit on the floor I decided that enough was enough. I spent six earthly pounds on a small fold out seat (pic to follow) – I had been shopping around for a long time to try to find one small enough to fit in a small backpack .. finally after much searching I came across this little beaut in a shop and decided to snap it up right away.

I have used this little seat a fair few times when I am in serious need of a sleep (have you ever tried to sleep standing on a moving train!?) – There have been a few laughs pointed in my direction, but to be honest “I’m sitting down so have that in your face :D” – I remember one guy being so surprised how this “transformer” of a seat started to unfold out of my bag that he asked “… have you got a table in there as well ?! …. ” – I did reply “haha .. you’re funny!” – that shut him up 😀

So I had been having a long day and after barging through the traffic at the train station and getting shoved god knows how many times I saw my platform come up and went to it. I was feeling pretty tired and so decided on my way that if there was no seat then I would use my stool.

I found my part of the train and got on ….. no seats! …….. I strolled across to the vestibule area about to get my seat out .. when suddenly he was there!!!

who was this man ? how did he get here? and what the hell was he doing sitting on a swivel office chair! – I was humbled – the god of the “stool people” was here and perched on his throne to rule over all his minions!

Needless to say I just stood for the rest of the journey! – I did manage to take some sly pics though for your perusal. (I will upload these soon) 😀




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  1. supportunitonline

    I wait in Anticipation for this Picture……


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