Sounds good to me!

Surely a contender for “the best invention ever .. but why?” award has to be “Toothtunes”

In a nutshell it’s a toothbrush that sends vibrations through the bristles etc and all so that you can end up hearing YMCA while you brush! – It is apparently great for kids as “they keep listening for the two minutes that you should brush twice a day” – so long as you don’t get sick of the song that is hehe

I bought H and D one each (kelly clarkson and black eyed peas respectively) – they were rather thrilled 😀

The only problem I find is that I just sit with it on my back teeth and I listen for two minutes and then realise I should start once the music stops – ooooops – Not to mention that the head of it is rather large (due to the music bit I should think) and so with the raised profile, it’s rather tricky to get to the back teeth properly – oh well – I expect that Ali Larter wouldn’t have any probs with hers …… is it just me or does she have exceedingly square teeth? I’m not being picky, and she is wonderful looking .. just a note.

While we’re on tangents ……….. does anyone else remember the Mr kipling adverts with the seriously irritating girl who said “exceedingly” all the time in the most patronising manner? – How annoying was she? …… “exceedingly!!!” – almost up there with that Sven dude from the Frosties … “they’re gonna taste great” business! – shocking

anyway – there you have it – toothtunes, square teeth and irritating kid actors … OMG that reminds me I must blog about my love/hate feelings for that bloody Dakota girl ……… you know who i’m talking about .. don’t try to pretend you don’t! … anyway that’s for another blog !



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One response to “Sounds good to me!

  1. supportunitonline

    I agree with the square tooth statement – I think she probably has Vaneers!!

    That Dakota Girl def dont have Vaneers – her Teeth are well tiny – like another person we know!


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