Please stand away from the edge of platform 2 … nutter approaching!

Chuffy here

 I have something of a reputation for throwing the odd random strop every now and again when pushed over the edge … (of a pavement can be enough to do it! :D) – however, I met my match the other morning when I could see across to platform one a rather animated looking lady (if she had of been younger I would have asked her out .. can you imagine the kids! hehe) – I decided to pull the plug of my headphones out my player (not ipod! I am very anti them but that’s a whole different blog post!) – I was now listening in and enjoying the display (if this is what I no doubt look like when I’m going nuts, then it’s certainly quality entertainment :D) – she was jibbering something about having to wait 7 minutes to buy a ticket and had obviously still not succeeded in her mission yet as she was running at the barriers and trying to ram her way through – needless to say I have also tried this method myself and I can safely say that those things don’t budge for no-one! hehe (the ones at the underground do though; should you ever need to know or feel a strop coming on yourself!) – After about 4 rams of the barrier she tried to ram the main gate where the bloke either lets you through with your case or not – he let her try one more time and then just opened the gate anyway …. (if he’d of thought of it, and had great timing skills, then he could have opened it just as she was at full ramming speed (possibly something close 88mph and 1.21 gigawatts! flux capacitor is not included!) – that would have certainly made my day. So she runs through the barrier and is still shouting away at the top of my voice.

In all of this I must interject that the guy at the station who was taking all of the abuse must have just come off of a “dealing with difficult peeps” or a “how to be ultra assertive” course as he handled the situation excellently – well done that man.

 So back to the shouting, running nutter … she comes flying over to my platform, and as luck would have it, stands right infront of me (i do attract them I think). As the train pulls in she barged straight on before the others could get off – the only thing was that she had to wait 2 mins infront of me for the train to pull in hehe. I was tempted to say “more speed, less haste love!” but I declined as I felt she might get me started …. and no-one likes to see that! – Moral of the story …,. get to the station earlier 😀


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