“Arrr Biiii Cuuiiicoool!”

Hey – Chuffster here

I was out and about on a holiday location recently and quite randomly I decided to get my fingernails cut in the local chinese “Nails” shop .. (it was dirt cheap so thought I might as well!) – They spoke no english at all in there (despite this being USA) and so you kinda wonder in and just point at your hands (which is fairly difficult to point at both hands as you have to use one of them to point with .. but anyhoo) – after a few mins of waiting she called me over – not exactly ever having one before i just thrust my hands on the table over the small wrist rest – she started trimming away etc and then she gave me the strangest “compliment” i’ve ever had ………. “arrr biii cuuuiiicooools!” – after much deliberation I realized that she meant that I have large Cuticle on my nails – lovely! – this woman was the best multiskiller I have ever seen – she was on the phone booking other appointments, writing the times in the diary behind her, checking peeps in as they came through the door and generally managing her shop without ever really stopping my cuticle extraction! – no wonder they will take over the earth – hehe – not the most exciting post ever i’m afraid but thought I would share it with you all 😀


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