What a journey….

Now I know that we all suffer from a ‘train journey from hell’ now and again….But my train line just seems to be getting worse.

This morning started out like no other…..I was late leaving home in my usual fashion,  so had to drive like a woman possessed to the station.  So, of course I got stuck behind some driver that doesn’t seem to know that the speed limit for Residential areas is 30mph.  I eventually got to the station and then had to squeeze into the tightest parking space I could find. 

I ran like a lunatic to the platform only to find out that the train(s) were running 10-15 mins late today…..!!!

I stand on the platform to then recieve a text saying that a member of my staff was sick!!!!

10 minutes later my intended train arrives.  I jump on and look for the nearest seat available.  It so happens that the nearest one is in the corner next to the window, so I ‘excuse’ myself through the other passengers to get to that seat.  How silly I was……..I’m two pages into my book and realise that there is a horrid smell in the atmosphere, and as the train is coasting along there is no breeze to go through the carriage!  God Help me as it was really bad and can only be described as the smell of vomit with cheesy feet and rotten eggs mixed in!!!

Well to my horror the person beside me jigs in his seat and I then realise that its Him.  I take a sideways glance and see what can only be animal fur covering his upper body. 

Now, dont get me wrong, I love animals – but as the old saying goes “…sleep with dogs and rise with fleas….”. 

I was wearing black so was inching myself nearer and nearer to the window so none of the “animal fur” would end up on my clothes…..

So, I tried to get back into my book, but it became hard as the man opposite me starts to snore.  Now it is not a normal snore that most people may do – this man was large and I mean ‘large’ – he was taking up two seats.  Anyway, he begun to get louder and louder and started to sound like he was choking……everyone was staring at him and the carriage became very quite! After a couple of minutes he actually woke himself up with the amount of noise he was making….

To end it here (as I went back to my book and the smelly man moved seats) my lesson learnt today is to not be so eager in getting a seat on the train!!

x x x


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