Reply to Donohoes train post

Classic!! And so true. If I am late for a train my morning will always begin like soo…….

You look at your clock and realise that your late and should have left the house 5 minutes ago. The dash begins – Into the car a quick as possible and footdown with a race to the station (as Donohoe said it is inevitable that the tractor will pull out in front or the elderly person that chooses 15mph in a 60 limit!) Once the extremly dangerous overtaking manoeuvre has been completed within an inch of your life you arrive at the station. You need to park quick, the clock is ticking. You skid into the closest space you can fit into (usually where an irresponsible 4×4 driver has accidentally left enough room for another car in their second space!) Whilst grabbing your bag from the back seat it is at this point that you catch a glimpse of the platform clock and see you have a minute to go (triumph sets in and you think “i can get over the bridge and battle to my space on the platform with enough time to spare before the train doors shut on you!”. But no time to stop now so you continue your dash over the bridge and then you hear the announcement “this train is expected to arrive in (pause) 15 minutes. Sorry for the delay” and the feeling of glee disolves. There was no need to rush, there was no need to leave your car parked like an old person with cateracts would park, you will now have to sit at your desk and worry all day that the person in the 4X4 will arrive back on the train before you and realise his mistake of leaveing enough room for another car to park so promptly try to make himself feel better by smacking open his door on your (badly parked) car and leave a nice big dent.

 However if next time you are late and you think “its ok I willl make it” You Will NOT!” You will miss your train, the one after that will be cancelled and you will arrive late at work in bad mood after having to catch a train in the school rush and putting up with the iPod war of who can have their music loudest.

 And this story sums up what they call Sods law!



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